MySQL Open Source Database


Consumers, Households, Transactions, Merchants, Products, Campaigns, Shipping, Offers, Stores, Accounts – fully featured schema to analyze your business through the lens of customer performance.


Single use license including multiple merchants, multiple users in a single use instance.

MySQL Retail Marketing Database

Our MySQL Retail Marketing Database is a Powerful Tool Set to Help You Analyze Consumers, Campaigns, Channels and Offers to Build a More Profitable Retail Business.

We call this database Prophet, it can help you look back to see the future of your business.  The schema has 6 subject areas:

  1. Consumer – the consumer subject area is all of the information specific to consumers in your portfolio
    1. consumer_, meta, contact, privacy, lifetime_values, merchant and household.
  2. Address – the address subject area tracks the consumer and household address information:
    1. address_, meta
  3. Merchant – the merchant subject area incorporates all of the information around merchant organizations including sub-brands:
    1. merchant_, meta, regions, stores, vendors, categories, products, and  product_SKU meta.
  4. Transactions – the transaction subject area includes all transaction related data:
    1. transaction_, transaction_detail, shipping, coupons, coupon_usage, and discounts.
  5. Marketing – the marketing subject area includes information on marketing efforts to acquire or grow consumer value:
    1. campaigns, programs, and offers with results attached to each.
  6. Rewards – the rewards subject area tracks rewards as they flow through transactions and includes:
    1. rewards_accounts, _meta, redemptions, and transactions.

Prophet is designed to help you analyze your customer portfolios, plan, execute and analyze marketing programs.

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