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Response Indexing is available for MySQL databases and is coded to use the schema from our MySQL Retail Marketing Database.


The schema leverages consumer, campaigns, programs, offers, transaction details, storeas and households to analyze customer performance and response to simulus.


Single use license including multiple merchants, multiple users in a single use instance.

Response Indexing

Response Indexing Analyzes The Times Promoted vs Times Responded and The Response Rates Over Time for Deciled Segments and the Customer Portfolio Quintiles.

Building a robust offer strategy relies on understanding what offers convert with which customers and when.  Response Indexing leverages a simple process of indexing every customer by how many times they were promoted and how many times the converted (response) through the lens of different programs, offers and channels.

What you get is insights into channel preferences for conversion, offer preferences for conversion and all at a consumer level that can then roll up to deciles and inform your offer strategy.

If you want to drive incremental unit behavior, you have to understand how to get consumers to respond to incremental unit offers.


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